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Kamika Ekadasi 2020

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Kamika Ekadasi 2020

Thursday, July 16, 2020.
Sri Kamika Ekadasi.

Lord Brahma said to Narada:

"Oh Narada, Sri Hari himself said that whoever fasts on the day of the Eucharist receives such a gift that he will never get anger from Yamaraja, the God of Death. Anyone who fasts on this day of the Eucharist will not suffer by because of birth in the next life, devotees who fast on this holy day of ekadasi, all sinful reactions from the past will be eliminated and obtain the gift of returning to the Spiritual World. "

On this holy day of worship, let's do Brata Upavasa to get closer to Sri Hari by not eating seeds / grains, using the best possible time to chant the holy name of God, listening to spiritual exposé and engaging in the devotion of Bhakti to Sri Hari.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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