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Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Day of Appearance of Sri Krishna

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Sri Krishna Janmastami

Om Swastyastu,

The long awaited day has arrived. Sri Krishna Janmastami, the day of appearance of Sri Krishna.About 5000 years ago in the dark night in Mathura prison, Sri Krishna emerged from the womb of Mother Devaki and his father Vasudeva.

The arising of Lord Krishna is completely transcendental or beyond material modes / states. He appears to protect His devotees, defeat bad people (asuras) and re-establish the Dharma.The appearance of Lord Krishna is of course different from that of an ordinary human being. His appearance is like the sun rising from the eastern horizon every morning. The rising of the sun is entirely by His will and when the sun sets it does not mean that the sun disappears, the sun is always there, but only shows its shape, visible to our eyes and felt or realized when it rises in the morning.

Eventhough He manifested directly and performed spiritual lila (activities) on this Mother Earth 5000 years ago, Lord Krishna also manifested and resided in the heart of every living being as the Paramatma who witnesses and guides all sentient beings. However, Lord Krishna's presence in the heart of every human being can only be realized and felt according to one's desire and devotion, because Lord Ka is rewarding individually for each soul according to the desire and love of his devotees for Him.

Infact, Lord Krishna does not only appear during Janmastami. He is always present and appears whenever we chant His Holy Name and remember Lord Krishna with full sincerity and pure devotional love. And it is Krishna's Appearance which is the ray of hope to reveal the dark darkness of despair, illusion and sorrow.


Hari Om Tat Sat.

Om  Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.

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