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Yogini Ekadasi 2020

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Yogini Ekadasi 2020

Yay, Today's Ekadasi Day!

Starting fasting - June 17, 2020 (Wednesday) 06:32
Iftar, June 18 2020 (Thursday) 06:33 - 10:25

In the Mahadmya's ecstasy it was explained that if a person fasts full of sincere devotional love based on this day then his sinful reaction in the past can be destroyed and he can obtain the same reward by offering food to eighty thousand brahmins.

This has been proven from the story of Lord Kuwera's servant, Hemamali, who was free from the curse of leprosy after following the fasting suggestion that was conveyed by Maha Rsi Markandeya on this Yogini Ekadasi holy day.

The devotees can carry out fasting ekadasi by abstaining from consuming seeds, nuts, while preoccupying themselves in devotional service, chanting the holy name of God, and reading / listening to him.

Happy Ekadasi.

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