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Departemen ISKCON

Department of Communications

Departemen Komunikasi ISKCON
Facilitates internal communications within the Association, between the Association with the international ISKCON community and communications between the Association with parties outside the Association.

The Office of Communications for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) works to create and sustain favorable environments for advancing the goals of the Krishna consciousness movement by establishing and maintaining confidence and faith in the integrity of the movements members and its mission. As such we are committed to helping ISKCON be a respected and influential religious organization all over the world. In essence, ISKCON Communications builds bridges between ISKCON as an organization and key audiences. These audiences include the media, academia, government officials and NGOs, interfaith groups, the broader Hindu community, and perhaps "most importantly" our internal audience of Hare Krishna devotees, practitioners and congregational supporters.

Department of Education

Departemen Pendidikan ISKCON
Facilitates the transmission of Krishna conscious or related knowledge, by traditional means (gurukula, Deity worship, etc.), ISKCON Courses (ISKCON Disciple Course, Bhakti-sastri, etc.) and formal means (schools).




Education is one of the most important aspects of Krishna consciousness. Not only does ISKCON seek to educate others on the science of self-realization, it seeks to improve the knowledge of its members.

Courses based on scriptural studies are currently being designed, mimicking the bhakti-sastri module followed by ISKCON devotees worldwide. The ISKCON Disciple Course, an essential course for ISKCON devotees, is also conducted. Indonesia has ISKCON-affiliated schools in Bali and Sumatra ( Bhaktivedanta Dharma School ), where spirituality-based education is emphasised. In Indonesia there are schools like the Bhaktivedanta Dharma School affiliated with ISKCON in Bali and Sumatra, where emphasis is placed on education based on spirituality and character education.

Department of Sankirtan

Departemen Sankirtan ISKCON
Facilitates Harinam Sankirtan Mahayadnya (the congregational chanting of the Holy Names of God) and the distribution of spiritual literature.

Hare Krishna devotees have the chanting of God's Holy Name as their spiritual foundation. Sankirtan is the act of performing congregational chanting, which is done at places of worship, and at public places. In Indonesia, Hare Krishna devotees perform public chanting, also known as "Harinam", at parks, beaches, Hindu temples and other events. They are strongly urged to seek permission from the park/beach/temple/town authorities before performing.

Sankirtan also includes the distribution of God's glories and knowledge of God's Absolute nature. With book distributors all throughout Indonesia, it can be said that at least one Bhagavad-Gita is sold every day.

Department of Vaishnava Care

Departemen Sadhusanga ISKCON
Facilitates an increased interaction between members through the strengthening of family communities, congregational development (Bhakti-vriksa) and youth initiatives.

Hare Krishna devotees do not only live in temples or ashrams. Most of them work, study and live outside a religious atmosphere. Thus there is a need for them to learn the art of how to balance between a Krishna conscious lifestyle, and interacting with the mundane reality of the world, without being affected by it.

Department of Agriculture

Departemen Pertanian
Facilitates the efforts of cow protection and improvement of the welfare of members through farming that is based on the Vedas and the concept of Tri Hita Karana (harmonious relations between man and God, other human beings and other creatures).

The cow is venerated as mother in the Vedas, and Hare Krishna devotees are on the frontier of cow protection. Devotees in Indonesia are further increasing this awareness through cow worship and utilisation of cow dung, urine and milk.

Most Hare Krishna temples in Indonesia have acquired a large piece of land enough for growing fresh organic produce to serve the community.

Department of Culture

Departemen Kebudayaan ISKCON
Facilitates preservation and development of arts and culture, in particular the culture of Indonesia and local wisdom which is based on spiritual values.


Indonesia is home to a large variety of colourful cultures and ancient traditions. Hare Krishna devotees of Indonesia embraces them and utilise them for glorifying the activities of Lord Krishna. It is not odd to see devotees dancing to Krishna Kirtan while wearing a batik skirt, or a Balinese head piece. Architectural designs, motifs, paintings, carvings and dramas are also tuned to the highly refined Balinese style, which experts say are from the ancient Hindu-Javanese Majapahit kingdom. 

Music and dance plays a central role in the Hare Krishna Movement. Younger devotees adopt various gestures and moves from the traditional Bharatanatyam dance of India. Traditional Bengali instruments like kartals (hand cymbals), mrdangas (clay drums) and harmoniums are primarily used for kirtan. But this doesn't stop there. Many talented musicians play violins, guitars and drums, and also use them for kirtan. Talking of which, ISKCON's own Krsna Gita Svara, a traditional Balinese gamelan troupe of devotees, redefines kirtan (Bali Ranganiketan). 

Preserving indigenous culture is of extreme importance to the devotees. Traditional dance and music is taught to young children, and they are encouraged to perform them during festivals for the pleasure of Lord Krishna and the guests.

Departemen Sosial

Hare Krishna Food for Life
Departemen Sosial ISKCON
Facilitates spiritually-based initiatives for the society at large such as health/medical care, healthy vegetarian food relief programs (Food For Life) and other such services.

Hare Krishna Food for Life is the world's largest vegan and vegetarian non-profit food relief organisation with projects in over 60 countries. Volunteers serve more than 1,500,000 free meals daily in a variety of ways, including: food vans serving to the homeless within major cities around the world; lunch time meals for poor school children throughout India; and also in response to large natural disasters, such as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.

Besides Food For Life, free medical care programs are conducted at public parks during Hare Krishna festivals or health-conscious activities. Many Hare Krishna devotees are professionally trained medical practitioners who are more than willing to help the general public

In addition to Food For Life, free medical treatment programs are conducted in city parks during ISKCON festivals such as Sri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra Nusantara and Gita Jayanti Nasional, or activities related to health discourse. Many ISKCON Yoga Bhakti Yoga members and practitioners are professionally educated doctors who are ready to help the general public.

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